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Binu Adimali Appears In Public For The First Time Since Car Accident Leaves Everyone Astonished

Binu Adimali, who was injured in a car accident, was in public for the first time. Binu Adimali came to participate in the general body of the Mimicry Artists Association. Binu Adimali says that Kollam Sudhi was the most energetic person on the day of the accident. Binu Adimali said that Kollam Sudhi used to rush to the front seat of the car as if she was dying and when she was returning from the program and when she was going to sleep at night, she could not even sleep because she felt as if Sudhi was standing in front of her eyes.”After 15 days, I am laughing today. Because I have come for the program of my ‘ma’ organization. This is not a beauty. Every day when I go to sleep, Sudhi comes in at night and I can’t sleep remembering everything. Today was the day of cutting the stitches in my leg, so I was able to come here today because I came to the hospital. When I came here and saw everyone, I felt half-peaceful. The relief of reaching our organization is indescribable. We understand this most when we are sick at home. No film stars came even for the milkshake at my house, but now when I was unwell many came and still do. It is when we lie like this that we understand the value of people. Seeing the people gathered and the love for Sudhi when he died is heartbreaking. I laugh heartily when my friends come over.

If we talk about Sudhi then it would have been his time. Because he is sitting in front of the car when he leaves here. Even when he came down to have lunch, he came back and sat in the front seat of the car. Even when he comes back after the program, he runs and sits in front of the car. I have never seen such an energetic Sudhi. That day was so active. That was the incident that hurt me the most. Hearing that someone close to you has died within minutes is a great feeling. I thank God and my parents for being born on this earth as an artist. Thank you to everyone in this group who encouraged me and gave me courage.”- says Binu Adimali.On the 5th of June, around 4:30 in the morning, there was an accident between the car and the pick-up van in which the group consisting of Sudhi, Binu Adimali, and Mahesh Kunjumon were traveling at Panambikun on National Highway 66. The actors were returning to Ernakulam from Vadakara after the stage show. Sudhi, who suffered a head injury, was rushed to the Kodungallur hospital but could not be saved. Binu Adimali, Ullas Arur, and Mahesh Kunjumon were injured. Mahesh Kunjumon, who was seriously injured, is resting after undergoing surgery at Amrita Hospital.

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