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Allahabad High Court Landmark Ruling Unveiling The Truth Behind Adipurush Controversy

The Allahabad High Court criticized the film’s crew and the Censor Board in a petition filed against the dialogues of the movie Aadipurush’. The court was considering the petition filed asking that the movie hurt the sentiments of the believers and that the movie should be banned. The court asked Manoj Muntashir, the screenwriter of the film, to be made a party in the case and to give him an explanation within a week.“The very nature of the dialogue in the film is the problem. Ramayana is considered as a great example. Considering that people are so tolerant, if we turn a blind eye to this, won’t you test them further?” – asked the court. The court also asked whether the Censor Board had fulfilled its duty in the case of ‘Adipurush’. “I’m glad people didn’t take the law into their hands after watching this film. Controversial matters should have been removed first. It is very difficult to watch such movies as many scenes seem to fall under the category of A certificate for adults only.”

The Deputy Solicitor General told the court that bad dialogue have been omitted from the film. The court’s reply was as follows: “That alone is not the point. The scenes do not change. See what the guidelines are in this regard. After that, we will do what we need. “Perhaps if the screening of this film is stopped, those whose sentiments are hurt may get relief,” the court said. Intervening in the argument that a warning was given about the story before the start of the film, the court said: ‘Do you think that the citizens and youth of this country are unintelligent? How can it be true if Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman, and Ravana are all shown and then it is said that this is not Ramayana?’- asked the court. The hearing on the case will continue tomorrow. Many organizations have come forward with complaints against the film. The Samajwadi Party alleged that the film was part of a special agenda, which hurt the faithful with vulgar and indecent dialogues. SP says Censor Board is like Dhritarashtra in ‘Mahabharata’. Leader Akhilesh Yadav asked. The Mumbai police provided security to the dialogue writer Manoj Shukla after he stated that his life was threatened. Information Minister Anurag Shukla said that no one has the authority to hurt the sentiments of others and the director and screenwriter should be ready to make changes in the film.

Released amid controversy, ‘Adipurush’ is now rocking at the box office. 11 days after its release, trade analysts say that ‘Adi Purushi’ has collected just 1.75 crores from India. Total revenue of Rs 277.50 crores has been earned from India. 450 crores worldwide including from India. The makers claim that the budget of the film is Rs 500 crore.

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