Argument Between Fans Of Pawan Kalyan And Prabhas 

The argument between fans of Telugu stars over WhatsApp status led to murder. An argument between fans of Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas ended in disaster. The incident took place in Athili. Harikumar, the secretary of the Prabhas Fans Association in Elluru, and Kishore, who is an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan, came to the place for work. After seeing Harikumar Prabhas’s photo as his WhatsApp status, Kishore said that he is a Pawan Kalyan fan and therefore wanted to make his video status But Hari Kumar was not ready to accept this. Hari Kumar said that he is a fan of Prabhas, and hence his video should be given Kishore status.

Kishore then changed Prabhas’ photo and asked Hari Kumar to make Pawan Kalyan’s status. But Hari Kumar was not ready for this. Kishore then started abusing Prabhas and Hari Kumar. Infuriated by insulting Prabhas, Hari Kumar attacked Kishore. It is reported that Harikumar beat up Kishore with a stick and a block of cement and the young man was seriously injured and lost his life. The police arrived and arrested Hari Kumar.