Anu Sithara Had Said Earlier About Her Religious Faith Going Viral On This Festive Day

Actress Anu Sithara has become a favorite of the Malayalee audience by acting in a few films. There is much news related to Anu Sithara’s religious beliefs. Anu is a beautiful family where people belonging to two religions live together. Things that Anu Sithara had said earlier about her religious faith are going viral on this festive day. Anu said that she is half-Muslim. Father Abdul Salam, Mother Renuka. It was a love marriage of father and mother. There were big arguments between the two families, but after the birth of Anu, it all changed. The two families came together. And the celebrations are all one.

Anu Sithara and her sister Anu Sonara have been taught to pray. Fasting is done precisely during fasting. In her SSLC certificate, her religion is given as Muslim. Yes, Anu Sithara’s marriage with Vishnu Prasad is also through a love relationship. Anu came to the cinema after marriage. Anu follows Muslim customs and Hindu customs. Anu often says that there is something special about the celebrations in our house. Christians celebrated Easter, Hindus Vishu and Muslims celebrated Eid. In this situation, Vishu and Eid are big celebrations for Sithara. Everything is celebrated in their house. This time too, it is Pose.