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Antony Perumbavoor Response To People Blame Him On Behalf Of Mohanlal’s Failure ?

Antony Perumbavoor who came as Mohanlal’s driver Today, Antony Perumbavoor who appears as the main character of Aashirwad Cinemas. If you ask who is the biggest fan of Mohanlal, the name that comes up is Antony Perumbavoor. Most of the films produced by Antony belong to Mohanlal. Antony Perumbavoor is also producing the upcoming film Neru.

There is criticism that Mohanlal is not ready to be a part of any of the changes that have come in Malayalam cinema in the last few years. In itself, the main criticism is that films by new directors, or experimental films, are not being made. Anthony Perumbavoor gets a large part of the blame for this. You can’t approach Mohanlal with a story. Mohanlal can only be approached through Anthony Perumbavoor. One side is raising the opinion that this is the reason for Mohanlal’s failure today.

On this occasion, Anthony is talking about what he sees as an audience, a producer, and a Lal fan when Mohanlal prepares films. Antony says this in the promotional video of the movie ‘Neru’. When Jagadish said that Lal sir is like a big image or a big image in Anthony’s mind, he said, “While making Mohanlal sir’s films and watching a lot of films before that, all the Malayalis know how much he likes him.

After starting his friendship with Jeethu, When Jeethu told the story. Antony says that it will be like that in his mind and when he does Drishyam 1 and Drishyam 2, it is the same no matter what film he does. The same is the case of ‘Neru’ also. He desires to make such films. When he can see how Mohanlal sir will be in the film from the beginning to the end, he wants a hero like that. It is an example of the film ‘ Oppam’. There are lots of films that are done in such ways.

But if that is the case, critics ask then Anthony Perumbavoor saw which type of heroism was seen in Aarattu, Monster, and Alen in the last two years. At the same time, Mohanlal’s words about Antony Perumbavoor and the two of them choosing films also gained attention. Mohanlal says that they don’t take up stories that Antony didn’t like but I like them. Moreover, all the films he is making now are his own films.

The point of it is that we can make films at our convenience, we can make films of our choice and if anything happens to that film, we just have to bear it. It is difficult to stand at the convenience of others. They would feel sad if they approached me, but I didn’t give a date.  So far, I have not thought that the film could not be made because of that, and even if they think so, it doesn’t matter. Mohanlal also stated that he is a person who believes that a film is happening. Despite these criticisms, there is also an opinion that the role played by Anthony Perumbavoor in the growth of Mohanlal’s career is not small.

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