Ajith’s action thrill ride Valimai film Review and Rating


Director H Vinoth’s Valimai, featuring Ajith, is the story of a cop who traces the mastermind behind a series of crimes. The action thrill ride has brilliant action sequences.

Film Name: Valimai
Director: H Vinoth
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Kartikeya Gummakonda, and others

After two years, Ajith Kumar is back on screen. However, he is an actor who needs to keep his fans happy through his movies. Furthermore, his most recent task, Valimai, is only that. It’s an action thriller, with cliches, but is still a major crowd-puller.

This Tamil-language unique Telugu-named adaptation had a concurrent release today. Set in Vizag (it’s Chennai in the Tamil form), the story is regarding how far ACP Arjun (an impressive Ajith Kumar ) can go to protect the city for poor people and the working class. He is temperate to such an extent that he needs to modify the existences of his prisoners however much he can, at his own cost. Like that, he is a Gandhian whose heart drains at the prospect of young people becoming wayward rogues. The story takes advantage of this part of his character just before the interval to deliver a sucker punch

Tollywood actor Kartikeya Gummakonda plays the main adversary, whose endeavors to threaten metropolitan occupants in his quest for a fortune are threatened by Arjun. His characterization felt routine in the film’s trailer, however, the film holds a touch of fervor in any event. His group is called Satan’s slaves; it’s as if he is a cult leader who knows how to promise a utopia and ruin the lives of the ethically bankrupt, jobless young people. Huma Qureshi as Sofia is a supporting role. Though she gets a fight sequence, her character is boring.

The first half action scenes and two or three other action successions are astounding. The term ‘adrenaline rush’ will be heard with regards to ‘Valimai’, particularly in light of the fact that Nirav Shah’s cinematography, perception, and scale have met up to convey a dekko.

It is not necessarily the case that ‘Valimai’ is an impeccable film. At the point when it goes to drama, the speed loosens as well as fixes a touch of the generosity it gains in any case. The first half is older style and not all that much. The last fifteen minutes or so don’t use Ajith’s knack for showing variation as an actor because of the way the tense scenes are done. The running time is a lot also.

Perhaps, a portion of the sections ought to have been irritable. The editing example might have been all the more balanced. The main bad guy and his pack of underhanded degenerates are refined lawbreakers who don’t appear to show a lot of existential angst. The composing ought to have been far more convincing. The struggles inside the police department could be depicted in an innovative design.

In summation, ‘Valimai’ is for you on the off chance that you like awesome action blocks with the bike-bound men and their unflinching adventures. It is safe to say that Valimai is probably H Vinoth’s weakest story so far.

3 out of 5 stars for Valimai.