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Actress Lena disclosing her marriage to ‘Gaganyaaan astronaut Group Captain’ Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair

Malayalam’s favorite actress Lena shared her wedding news as a surprise. Lena also stated that the groom will be Prashant Balakrishnan Nair, the Air Force Group Captain of the Gaganyaan astronaut team announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday. The actor shared the joy of getting married in a very proud moment.

On 17 January 2024, he and Prashant Balakrishnan got married in a traditional ceremony. Lena said that she was waiting to release the news after the Prime Minister announced the astronauts. Lena says Modi’s announcement is a moment of pride for her personally as well as for the country and Kerala. Prashant Balakrishnan is the Air Force Group Captain of the Gaganyaan astronaut team. The Prime Minister announced at a function held at the Vikramsarabhai Space Center in Thumpa that Prashant Balakrishnan Nair, a Malayali, will lead the Gaganyaan Yatra team. After this, the actress shared the news of her marriage on social media.

‘Today, on 27th February 2024, our Prime Minister, Modi Ji presented the first Indian astronaut wings to Indian Air Force fighter pilot, Group Captain Prashant Balakrishnan Nair. This is a historic moment of pride for our country, our Kerala and for me personally. I have been waiting for this announcement to inform you that I have married Prashant in a traditional ceremony through an arranged marriage on 17th January 2024 to preserve the officially required confidentiality.’ Lena noted on social media. Prashant is a native of Nenmara, Palakkad. A Sukhoi fighter pilot, Prashant is a Group Captain in the Air Force. Coolangat is the son of Pramila and Balambil Balakrishnan. After studying at the National Defense Academy, he joined the army in June 1999. Graduated with first class honors from the US Air Command and Staff College. In 1998, he received the Sword of Honor from Air Force Academy, Hyderabad.

Lena entered the Malayalam cinema with the movie Sneham directed by Jayaraj. Lena studied psychology and worked as a psychologist in Mumbai. In 2004, Lena married screenwriter Abhilash Kumar in Malayalam cinema. Later the two broke up.

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