Aashiq Abu has revealed that the Screenwriter is moving away from Variyamkunnan


Following the announcement of Variyamkunnath Kunhahammed Haji’s life story, there has been much discussion on social media. The film is being directed by Aashiq Abu. Much of the outrage was attributed to some of the old Facebook posts and comments of Rameez, one of the film’s screenwriters. Ashik Abu announced in a Facebook post that the screenwriter of the film is moving away from the movie.

The actor had to undergo a cyber attack on Prithviraj for the announcement. Both Aashiq Abu and Prithviraj are making racist and slanderous statements. Comments were going on till Prithviraj was personally abused and dragged his family down.


Ashik Abu’s Facebook post:

He personally disagrees with Rameez’s political position. He is likely to disagree with my political position.

Discussions have been going on for years about making another film with Variyamkunnan. I know Rameez, who has been involved in this venture from the very beginning, doing the research for it. Only three to four months ago. After the film’s announcement, Ramസിനെs was briefed on the high-profile charges against him, and in some cases he admitted wrongdoing and publicly apologized on Facebook. Rumis would personally explain it to the public as he cast a shadow of doubt on his genius. Remis has a duty to convince the community and his team of his credibility. Until then, Rameez has announced that he will be stepping down as the scriptwriter for the movie Variyamkunnan. The movie goes on.

Aashiq Abu

Variyamkunnan is the first movie of Aashiq Abu and Prithviraj. Initially it was announced that the film will be written by Harshad and Remis. Muhsin Parri will be the co-director of Aashiq in this film. The cinematography by Shaiju Khalid is produced by Sikander and Moideen. Edit by Saiju Sreedharan. Muhsin Parari as co-director. Costume is by Sameera Sanish. The next year marks the 100th anniversary of Malabar Revolutionary history.