These 5 things of makeup are harmful for skin

The skin of many women is so sensitive that it comes out easily with pimples. They get skin allergies in the slightest dust. Moreover, even if the makeup remains on the skin for a few hours, pimples come out. The main reason behind this may be the things used in makeup.
Therefore, women and girls who easily get pimples and acne on their skin, they should keep away from some things of makeup. These things are: One should stay away from artificial fragrances used in fragrance makeup. Avoid using makeup products that have artificial fragrances such as benzaldehyde. This not only causes irritation on the skin but also stops the pores. Due to this, pimples start appearing on the face.

is the most common ingredient used in these makeup products. But it has many side effects on the skin, about which people have very little knowledge. Lanoline is actually sebum or sheepskin oil. The makeup products in which it is used are comedogenic. That is, they help in the growth of nail pimples. So while buying makeup products, check its ingredients and see if there is any lanolin in them.

are also present in many makeup products. However, their name on the label is paraffin wax, mineral oil or petroleum. Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum. They are used in makeup products to increase their shelf life. But in fact, petrochemicals close the pores of the skin, causing nail-pimples.

It is commonly used in makeup primer. But it also closes the pores of the skin, due to which the pimples and pimples come out easily. Therefore, it is best to avoid using makeup products that contain silicon.

Skin Care

stops the hair follicles completely, due to which allergies, as well as pimples, are released on the skin. Therefore, the use of any kind of oil on the face should be avoided. Do not apply any type of oil on the skin, from almond oil to coconut oil.

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