Teachers Touch Students’ Feet Every Morning?

In Hinduism, touching seniors’ feet is accepted to be an indication of regard and a method for receiving endowments consequently. Instructing youngsters to touch the feet of their folks, relatives, instructors and different senior citizens is a basic segment of practically every Hindu tyke’s childhood. Consequently, understudy’s touching their educators feet is no uncommon sight in India.

Be that as it may, there is a school where the correct inverse happens. Instructors touching the feet of all understudies is the custom took after each morning in Rushikul Gurukul Vidyala, Mumbai. Also, why not? All things considered, in India, youngsters are viewed as the human type of god. So touching the feet of kids is identical to bowing down to god. Actually, in our nation, there are various celebrations in which kids are worshiped as a fundamental ethic, Navratri being one of them.

The Gurukul began this training with the method of reasoning that it will grow more regard for instructors. As the instructors look for the favors of the youngsters, they will likewise be setting a case to understudies that everybody ought to be regarded independent of age. The school additionally trusts that welcome the kids in this way enhances the correspondence amongst educators and understudies.

The Rushikul Gurukul Vidyala is situated in Ghatkopar, Mumbai and is associated to Maharashtra State Secondary School Board. The co-ed school is not a major one and works in a leased building. Educators utilize lively strategies for instructing with no bargains to the syllabus.

The school has essential furniture, a library, additional curricular exercises and a modest bunch of educators showing understudies of essential classes. So it is adept to state that in spite of the way that the school is a normal one as far as their framework or offices, the instructional method taken after here is unquestionably strange.

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