Russian Scientists Kept Five People Awake For 30 Days.. But They Never Expected THIS To Happen!

These men were considered betrayer by the Government and were used as a subject for an experiment. The result stunned everyone.

7.Enemies Of The State Were Their Subject.

It was towards the end of 1940s, when a bunch of five people in Russia were taken as nation’s rival by the Government. Therefore, they were subjected to be a part of an experiment by the scientists where they’d be exposed to a minor dose of gas which could result in discarding the need to sleep in humans.

6.Five Days Later..

The experiment was going fine until the fifth day, when the victims had shown symptoms of nervous breakdown. They weren’t communicating with each other but whispering over the microphone, trying to bluff the researchers.

5.Faded Screams.

Ten days had passed by now. One of the men started screaming and running all around the room for around three hours and then could only screech and whine. The researchers concluded this to be breakage and damages in the vocal cord.

But you’ll be dazed to see what the outcome of this experiment was.

4.The Unplanned Move.

By the end of 14th day, something had bothered the researchers. The subjects weren’t entertaining any mode of communication. Out of their curiousness, they had to place an intercom to interact with the subjects. It was all sudden as this step wasn’t decided anywhere in the process earlier. They tried to soothe the caged beings saying they’d be freed if they communicated well, and all they had received was, “We no longer want to be freed”!

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