Lady of the hour Canceled Marriage When Groom Started Naagin Dance Just Before Wedding! Statures Of Stupidity

No Indian wedding can be completed without “Naagin dance” and despite not being a part of any ritual, it has become an imperative element which adds to the grace of any marriage ceremony. Earlier only guys used to enjoy this dance form but with time, it has gained popularity even among ladies and they also don’t leave a chance to show their skills on this dance form.


However, when a man named Anubhav Mishra performed the same on the dance floor, he got the punishment of his lifetime. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that this might be the worst episode of his life and he will never ever forget it.

It so happened that on Tuesday night, the groom was quite inebriated and under the influence of alcohol, he started Naagin dance. This was not at all likable on the part of 23-yr Priyanka Tripathi (bride) who felt so embarrassed that she cancelled the marriage prior to the beginning of rituals. His family made an attempt of convincing her but she was in no mood to change her decision. At the end, the groom’s family had to go back without marriage.

You’ll be more surprised to know that even cops had been called because people were doubtful of a fight or some kind of violence. The next day, she got married to a man who was more decent and sober.

The bizarre incident took place in Shahjahanpur and both the families properly knew each other. All the pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals were done and both the families were curiously waiting for the day of marriage. Rest is history!

Just when the family of the girl was about to welcome the groom, he was distracted by a ‘Naagin song’ that DJ played. He started swaying and dancing and just then, his friends began showering notes on him. This whole scene left the bride’s family in a big shock. It was then that the girl made up mind of not getting married to him, as such a drunk person was not at all apt for her.

Well, it was definitely a worth applauding step on the part of the bride, as very few Indian brides have courage to do so!

You go girl!

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