Ever Wondered Why Cops Touch Your Car’s Tail Light After Pulling You Over?

As indicated by different sources on the web, as from 2014 there are no less than 1.2 billion drivers on our streets universally. As asserted by many surveys, reviews and reports, Americans spend a normal of around 17,600 minutes driving autos every year; that is very nearly an amazing 300 hours for every year spent in vehicles alone! Actually as drivers (everywhere throughout the world), we attempt and take after the standards of the street as well as can be expected, yet now and again we can all hope to be pulled over by a cop. Obviously everybody on the planet detests being halted by the police, and much more so being issued activity tickets because of infringement. To exacerbate matters even, they (cops) have a tendency to have certain normal activities (in the wake of pulling us over), that further makes our nerves ‘shot’.

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The tail light tap

One such routine, as mentioned above, that cops love doing is the infamous ‘tail light tap’.

A bit of history lies in the reason

As per Marilyn Caylor of, “the custom of touching a tail light really backpedals to past times worth remembering of policing the parkways. Prior to the development of dash cams, policemen were super slippery with their strategies. However, don’t stress, they weren’t screwy cops or doing anything illicit. Truth be told, these law requirement officers were really wanting to get the driver or travelers unprepared. It’s normal for individuals to attempt and conceal their illegal medications or firearms directly after they are pulled over by a cop. Tapping the tail light has the advantage of startling these crooks before they can wrap up their reserve of sick gotten products.”

However another intriguing reason

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