Whatsapp to launch group video call feature


Facebook in the venue of its annual F8 developer made substantial announcements for its key endeavors, including Instagram and WhatsApp. The list includes a new dating feature, which will be built into the main Facebook app itself. In addition to this WhatsApp will get a group video calling feature as well, while Instagram will get a new video chat feature similar to the other messaging app.

In addition, Facebook announced ushering of AR camera platform at the 2017 F8 conference and this year, it will be added to Instagram. “Using AR Studio, creators will be able to design unique, interactive camera experiences, including face filters and world effects, for their followers on Instagram,” articulated the company.

In order to enable AR camera effects into their Messenger experience, Facebook is to provide augmented reality support to the same.Currently launched in closed beta, and will help developers build new experiences to let people virtually customize or try on merchandise, walk through new products, says Facebook.

In short, the new Whatsapp feature will surely enhance viewer experience and save the users from installing other real-time video rendering applications.The stability of the application too was enhanced by the noticeable degree to Android operating systems, offering properly scheduled cache cleaning.


As highlighted by the company, soon stickers too are on its way into WhatsApp.Beta version of the app highlighted the addition of the new array of features.

Beta whatsapp stickers

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