Jio Sweeps 5G Network Awards, Secures All 9 Honors

This is the answer to the question which is the number one net in India . Jio is leading in the report of analytics firm Okla. According to the report, Jio is leading in 5G download & upload speed.

According to Jio, it is the first time in the world that a telecom service provider has won all 9 awards in the market, including all awards for 5G networks. While Jio scored 335.75, Bharti Airtel scored 179.49. Average download speed for Jio 5G users is 416.55Mbps. Average upload speed was 21.20Mbps.

Nine Awards received by Jio
• Best Mobile Network
• Fastest Mobile Network
• Best Mobile Coverage • Best
Rated Mobile Network •
Best Mobile Video Experience
• Best Mobile Gaming Experience
• Fastest SG Mobile Network
• Best 5G Mobile Video Experience
• Best 5G Mobile Gaming experience

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