Disney Plus Hotstar Takes A Firm Stand To Curb Password Sharing

Disney Plus Hotstar, a major OTT platform, has taken a decisive step to deter password sharing among its users. Joining the ranks of Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar is making a stand against this widespread practice. The platform has notified its users of new terms and conditions, specifically addressing password sharing and account limitations, set to be enforced starting November 1.The company proactively communicated these changes to its Canadian customers, outlining modifications to their subscription agreements.

This move aligns with Netflix’s recent implementation of the “One Account per Household” policy, aimed at curbing extensive password sharing, which has been impacting the platform’s investments.In the updated section of the Canadian subscriber agreement titled ‘Account Sharing,’ Disney Plus Hotstar emphasizes rigorous enforcement against account sharing practices. The platform will closely monitor user accounts to ensure compliance with the updated terms and conditions, which come into effect from November 1.

Disney Plus Hotstar

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