Apple Cautions Against Using Android USB-C Chargers For IPhones

“Complaints from iPhone 15 users regarding overheating issues have prompted Apple Stores to caution against utilizing Android USB-C chargers with their iPhones. In Guangdong province, an Apple Store reportedly advised customers against using Android USB-C cables to charge their iPhone 15 due to concerns about phone overheating, attributed to differing pin arrangements in the interfaces. The store highlighted that the Android cable, featuring a smaller gap between the single-row 9-pin and single-row 11-pin connectors compared to Apple’s USB-C cable, could potentially lead to overheating.

Multiple Apple-exclusive stores in China have echoed similar warnings to users, although Apple has not officially addressed this matter. Speculation surrounds whether this advisory is rooted in device security concerns or an incentive for iPhone 15 users to purchase Apple’s USB-C cables. Users have also pointed out a discrepancy in Apple’s guidance regarding the use of USB-C charging cables for the new iPhones. Apple’s official guidelines specify the use of Apple-branded cables and charging adapters, underscoring concerns about third-party adapters meeting security standards. Apple has previously cautioned that using non-compliant adapters could pose serious risks to users’ safety, potentially resulting in harm or injury.”

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