Nandana Varma’s Photoshoot Viral

Actresses often come with makeovers. This is nothing new for the audience. Now another May makeover has shocked the fans. This makeover was actually done by Nandana Varma. Fans may not understand this name suddenly. The actor entered the film industry as a child actor by playing a small role in the Mohanlal Movie “Spirit”.Nandana appeared in a handful of films, playing characters that gained attention.

Nandana Varma

Fans may remember a masked girl from the movie Guppy. The girl displayed only her beautiful eyes in most parts of the film. The girl surprised the audience at the end of this film. That girl is now in this picture. If you look carefully you will probably understand. The actor was able to get noticed in his first role.

Nandana Varma

The fans have taken over the photoshoot and looked very beautiful in a chocolate-colored saree. Nandana’s photos in a saree with a makeover are going viral on social media.


Nandana varma

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