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Aalorukkam Synopsis: This amazing film advances a pertinent issue alongside forlornness of old-age. Similarly eerie and additionally bringing out contemplations, this film affirms the acting brightness of Indrans.

Aalorukkam Malayalam Movie Cast,Crew,Full Details And Updated News

Aalorukkam Malayalam MovieCast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Aalorukkam V C Abhilash
Release date of Aalorukkam6 April 2018
Actors of AalorukkamIndrans
ProducerJolly Lonappan
MusicBrian Fernandez
CinematographySamlal P Thomas
Running time2h 4min
ScriptV C Abhilash
Production Companyollywood Movies
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Aalorukkam Malayalam Movie Review

Because of the pertinence of the issue this film handles, it is difficult to smother your manner of thinking post watching it. Maybe, “Aalorukkam” is the main film in Malayalam that truly talks about or constrains us to introspect about this point, which we frequently look with revultion. First-time chief V.C. Abhilash has taken an admirable imaginative undertaking to feature the subject by giving a touch of pride to it.

The movie producer exhibits the truth in such a way, to the point that the difference in outlook is required from the general public. The quandary of ‘Ottanthullal’ artiste Pappu Pisharody turns into our own too for this situation. Call it age hole or conventional state of mind, Pisharody can’t come in wording with the truth. Watchers encounter this vibe in the all the more intensely described second 50% of the film.

Viewing Indrans as Pappu Pisharody in this film inspires the vibe that forlornness has a severe face. The old man is urgently looking for his child Sajeevan (Srikanth Menon), who left home 16 years back. In the city, we discover Pisharody admitted to a healing center subsequent to supporting a break in his leg. The specialist (Sameera) understands the agony of this septuagenarian and looks for assistance from her companion Priyan (Vishnu Agasthya), a columnist. Priyan alongside cop Kabir (Aliyar) begins hunting down Sajeevan in the city.

What they find toward the finish of their enquiries is something amazing and stunning for Pisharody. It’s gladdening to watch Indrans, who is at the apex of one of his exhibitions in his profession which procured him the Kerala State Best on-screen character grant. The depiction of the old man’s anxiety and dissatisfaction in the midst of the rubble of his smashed expectations is incredibly protected in the hands of Indrans.

Cinematographer Samlal. P. Thomas exceeds expectations in making able visuals while Ronnie Raphael creates music. This is definitely an awe-inspiring film that advances an important issue alongside forlornness of maturity. Similarly frightful and also bringing out musings, it affirms the acting splendor of Indrans.

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