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Falimy malayalam movie review, One of the best feel good movie from Mollywood

falimy malayalam movie review

Falimy is the latest Malayalam language feel-good movie. Basil Joseph plays the lead role in the movie. Jagadhish, Manju Pillai, and Sandeep Pradeep are playing the character roles. The film is directed by Nithish Sahadev and written by Sanjo Joseph with Nithis.

Falimy Movie Review

Are you old enough to travel? It can be said fluently that there is no such age. But if people over the age of 10 want to go on a solo trip, they can be dissuaded by a hundred thousand reasons, and most people try. So Falimi, directed by Nitish Sahdev, is an interesting story of an 82-year-old man who wants to travel and his disjointed family. An off beat fun film!Chandran’s family in Phalimi is the exact copy of an average Malayali family with a few responsibilities and more ego. Despite living under one roof, there is not much tension between the family members. The only thing they have in common is the self-awareness that something is wrong somewhere. On a special occasion, all the family members go on a trip together. The film is about that journey and the events that happen in it.

Basil Joseph, Manju Pillai, Jagadish, Meenraj Palluruthy and Sandeep Pradeep are the ones who connect the audience to Falimi. Everyone has played the characters with such excellence. At first glance, the hero of the film seems to be Basil’s Anoop Chandran, but it is only later that the audience realizes the real hero. Appupan played by Meenraj Palluruthy is the show stopper of the movie. The character of eighty-two-year-old Janardhanan will remind us of many elderly people in our homes. ‘If you are going somewhere, why don’t you just call and go?’ There is a question that is repeated many times in this movie. Meenraj’s character does not give an answer to that. But this movie tries to find the answer.

Falimy Live Review

Falimy Cast and Crew Details

Falimy Movie Full Cast and Crew

FalimyCast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of JawanNithish Sahadev
ProducerGanesh Menon
HeroineManju Pillai
HeroBasil Joseph
Release Date17 November 2023
EditorNidhin Raj Arol
MusicVishnu Vijay
CinematographyBablu Aju
Running time140 minutes
Production Company
Falimy's full cast and crew details

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falimy movie review

falimy movie review

falimy movie review

falimy movie review

falimy review

falimy review

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