Yash fans will have to wait for more time to know about his next


Yash also called a rocking star who gained notoriety for his box office hit KGF, is currently trending online. The actor’s followers are eagerly awaiting news of his upcoming project and are expecting an announcement in the coming days. The Kannada actor’s upcoming film, tentatively titled Yash19, is also buzzing on Twitter. However, according to our sources, it is only a rumor and not factual.

On Twitter, Yash fans are using the hashtags “Yash Boss” and “Yash 19” to generate a lot of excitement in expectation of the project’s official announcement. Despite the fact that the rumor has gone viral online, our sources tell us that Yash’s next project won’t be officially disclosed soon.

According to a source, there is now only talk of Yash’s upcoming movie and no official announcement has yet been made. All eyes are on his next project after the enormous success of KGF: Chapter 1 and KGF: Chapter 2. The stakes are really high because everyone is eagerly awaiting to know which director will work with the star. Additionally, any film that features in would target the entire Indian population because Yash and KGF have achieved pan-Indian success. Fans will likely have to wait longer for the announcement of the following, it appears.

As KGF: Chapter 2 went on to become the second-highest-grossing movie of all time, Yash is today the most sought-after actor in Indian film. He gained fame with KGF: Chapter 1 before regaining it with KGF: Chapter 2, where he faced off against RRR, another major Indian film. The producers of KGF 3 have already formally confirmed that Yash will return as Rocky Bhai in the third installment after two extremely successful parts.