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Vijay’s political party’s name should be changed; Legal notice to the Election Commission

Lawyer notice to Election Commission against naming Vijay’s political party as Tamilaka Vetri Kazhakam (TVK). Tamilaka Vazhurimai Katchi (TVK) leader T Velmurugan has sent a legal notice to the Election Commission. The notice is about giving the name already registered as TVK to Vijay’s party. Velmurugan says that the name TVK is the name used by the Tamil Vazhurimai Katchi.

If the same name is used by Vijay’s party, it will cause problems among the public. Recently the secretary of the party in Krishnagiri died in an accident. There was news in the newspaper that a TVK official had died. Velmurugan says that Vijay party members also came to see this news. In order to avoid such confusion, the lawyer has requested that Vijay’s party be named TVK (V) or something else in the notice sent to the Election Commission.

Velmurugan was a PMK MLA during 2006-11. Left the party in 2012 and formed a party called TVK. TVK contested in 2019 in alliance with DMK. In the 2021 elections, he had won from the Pannaruti constituency by contesting on the Udayasuryan symbol.

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