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Vijay Fined For Alleged Signal Misuse Fans Demand Explanation

Young Dalapathy was fined for meeting officials of Vijay Makkal Iyakam and returning. The penalty is for violation of traffic rules. Vijay was fined for not obeying the signal at more than two places and for violating the traffic rules. The younger Dalapati has received a fine of Rs.500. Fans had followed Vijay from Panaiyur to his Neelangare residence. After the meeting at the guest house in Panayur, Vijay returned home in his own luxury car. But as the fans followed, Vijay and the driver missed the red signal at more than two places. Videos of Vijay’s car not stopping at signals went viral on social media. After this, the actor was fined for a traffic violation.

There is a situation where the rumors about Vijay entering politics are getting stronger. Officials of fan associations of all 234 constituencies reached Chennai yesterday morning. Vijay reached the meeting after half past two. In any case, this incident comes at a time when there are strong indications that Vijaya will enter politics next year and will contest the 2026 elections as a party. Tamil media had reported that Vijay is taking a break from films in view of the 2026 assembly elections. Rumors are also strong that Vijay will form a Rashtriya Party aiming at the 2026 assembly elections. Vijay’s fan base is now active in charity work.

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