Tom Chacko feels there is no discrimination between a male & a female in the Mollywood

Days before the arrival of the Malayalam movie Vichitram, the group, including chief Achu Vijayan, Shine Tom Chacko, Kani Kusruti, Balu Varghese, Ketaki Narayan, and Shiyan Shareef, went to a press meet required the film.

During the association, one of the columnists asked Sparkle Tom Chacko’s perspectives on orientation equality in Malayalam films. The Thallumaala star replied, “There is no reason for chatting regarding this situation as the two guys and females are invited to the business.”

Another writer asked a subsequent inquiry and inquired as to whether the rising portrayal of females could determine the issue. Tom Chacko answered that there was no segregation between a male and a female in the Malayalam business. Besides, the two sexual orientations face specific issues in the business

“Expanding portrayal of ladies won’t tackle the issue,” he said, referring to a model. He said that different individuals try to be an entertainer, however, fewer arrive at the stage, and afterward, considerably fewer keep up with the Moxy and snatch the open door. Thus, we can’t say there are issues in the business.


In the relatively recent past, shine Tom Chacko shared the banner from Vichitram on his authority Instagram handle and wrote a note that read, “Here’s the principal look banner of @vichithram_movie composed by @nikilravindran coordinated by @achuvijayan.” The primary look at Vichitram’s banner recognizes its title. It inspires a feeling of impossible to miss feeling among the crowd as it presents a bunch of odd-looking characters. They are simply gazing at something with a particular articulation.

As indicated by sources near the film, Vichitram portrays the tale of Jasmine and her youngsters. In a selective meeting with Etimes, the head of Vichitram Achu Vijayan said, “It is a wrongdoing secret thrill ride which spins around a football-smart family. The family comprises a mother and her five kids. Sparkle Tom Chacko’s article as the oldest child character named Jackson and the entertainers Balu Varghese and Vishnu will go about as kin.”


The chief added, “The film unwinds the wrongdoing that occurred some time back. There is no police examination included, however, the wrongdoing is unwinded with time.”