Deepthi Ghanta’s Meet Cute movie teaser uncovered by Nani


Nani is currently one of the most bankable actors in the Telugu film industry thanks to his outstanding performances in movies like Ante Sundaraniki, Shyam Singha Roy, and other noteworthy ones. With the release of his upcoming project Meet Cute, an anthology of five stories, Natural Star recently made headlines in the entertainment industry.

The teaser for this film, which Nani posted on Twitter, promises moviegoers plenty of romantic and sentimental scenes. The 1:22 teaser depicts the individuals socializing and having calming chats while out on romantic dates.

The teaser’s thought-provoking dialogues, which were written by writer and filmmaker Deepthi Ghanta, were also well-liked. Conversations such as, “Relationships don’t fail because of small fights, it fails when you stop fighting.”

Nani is extremely happy with this project made by his sister. He penned a lovely message while sharing the first look of this movie on Twitter and wrote, “Hi, I thought I am talented. Turns out I am just the brother of a talented sister 🙂 So so proud of what she made and still in shock about how she pulled it off, Wall Poster Cinema presents @mail2ganta’s #MeetCute On @SonyLIV TEASER TOMORROW.”

Soon, Meet Cute will be available on Sony LIV. Deepthi recently spoke about her excitement for the movie in an interview with a site. According to Deepthi, while seeing the film The Holiday, she received the inspiration for the title Meet Cute. She describes Meet Cute as a chance encounter between two strangers under amusing and surprising circumstances.

Leading characters in this anthology will be played by well-known performers like Varsha Bollamma, Srividya, Sameer, Ashwin Kumar, Sathyaraj, Ruhani Sharma, and others. The cinematographer for this movie is Vasanth Kumar. Viewers adore the music that Vijay Bulganin has created. Avinash Kolla is in charge of the production design, and Gary BH is in charge of the cuts.