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The Secret that Jolly Hide’; ‘Koodathayi Mass Murder Case’ Documentary Is Coming, Trailer Out

The Koodathayi brutal killing story that created a shock in Kerala is being released as a Netflix documentary. The documentary is called ‘Curry and Cyanide – The Jolly Joseph Case’. The documentary, which will be released on December 22nd, and the trailer has been released yesterday. The trailer is based on the life of Jolly Joseph.

Jolly’s neighbors, friends, and relatives have seen in the trailer. Advocate B.A. Alur is also seen in this. It is said through the trailer that Jolly is still hiding many secrets and many things are yet to be revealed.

The documentary is directed by National Award winner Christo Tomy. Earlier, Netflix presented the mysterious murders of North India in the form of a documentary, but this is the first time that they are documenting a case from Kerala.

Koodathayi Murder Story

Tom Thomas Ponnamattam – A year ago this was a fairly common address. The Ponnamattam house became the talk of the town after the Koodathayi massacre which shocked the whole of Kerala. All six murders were planned and carried out by Jolly Joseph, a housewife who was a member of this house. Shocking stories of assassination attempts also surfaced. Kerala heard with trepidation that a housewife with only a plus two qualification had disguised herself as an NIT professor and killed her relatives using cyanide.

There have been six mysterious deaths in 14 years. It was proved to be a murder three years later. All the planning and execution are done by housewife Jolly Joseph alone. Between 2002 and 2016, six members of the same family died under similar circumstances. Ponnamattam Tom Thomas, wife Annamma Mathew, son Roy Thomas, Annamma’s brother Mathew Manchadiyil, Tom Thomas’s brother’s son Shaju’s wife Cili, and daughter Alphaine died. The police found that Jolly Joseph, wife of Roy Thomas, committed all these six murders.

Jolly killed her mother-in-law using poison and five others were killed with cyanide. The murder motive was to steal the properties of husband Roy and marry Shaju. In 2019, Rojo, the brother of the murdered Roy, filed a complaint with the police raising doubts about the death of his relatives.

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