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The reason behind for making ‘Bramayugam’ in black and white ; DirectorRahul Sadasivan

Bramayuga’s Koduman Potti is currently running in theaters with great audience response, one notable difference in this film is that the film is shot in black and white, but director Rahul Sadashivan says that there is a reason to make it a thought provoking film. The director revealed this in an interview with Silly Mongose, and the director replied to the presenter’s question, “Is there any particular reason for you to shoot this film in black and white?”

There is a lot of reference in black and white, European films, American films have been shot in this way, some Japanese films have also done so, that is there is a lot of reference in black and white, but we have forgotten that format here and I want to break the mind of the audience to watch the film in color with a bigger goal. felt

When this film came to Manas, it was a black and white style in My mind, but it was supported by its producer, he also liked the concept, its producer Chakraborty Ramachandra was a good supporter of this and Rahul Sadashivan says

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