The First Look Poster Of Ranjan Pramod And Dileesh Pothan O Baby Is Released

After the hit movie Rakshadhikri Baiju, the first look poster of Ranjan Pramod’s scripted and directed film O Baby is grabbing attention. The biggest special feature of the film is that Ranjan Pramod and Dileesh Pothan are joining hands among the best filmmakers of Malayalam cinema. The film is produced by Dileesh Pothan, Abhishek Sasidharan, and Pramod Thevarpalli.

The poster hints that O Baby is a thriller in nature. Film lovers are watching with great enthusiasm the collaboration of the two, who are part of films that are at the forefront in terms of artistic value and audience support at the same time. Raghunath Paleri, Hania Naseefa, actor MG Soman’s son Saji Soman, Shinu Shyamalan, Atulya Gopalakrishnan, and Vishnu Agastya play other important roles along with Dileesh Pothan.