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Sridevi Had Ego Problems With Jayapradha !?

On-screen character Jayapradha burst on to the scene as a diva in 1970’s. She turned out to be so well known as the exciting on-screen character with acting ability that numerous makers began lining up before her home.

One year after her, Sridevi came into the photo and she turned out to be significantly more well known as she had no protests in skin demonstrate as well.

While different performing artist Jayasudha did not have much issue with them two, they both have turned out to be rigid to the point that they didn’t converse with each other, on the off chance that they are not acting in the scene.

They acted together in numerous movies in Telugu and Hindi, however they didn’t break the ice between them. Jayapradha and Sridevi, were even secured one room by Jeethendra and Rajesh Khanna, however both even in the wake of spending a hour in a room, did not converse with each other.

Sridevi despite the fact that a dear companion of Amar Singh, who is political master of Jayapradha, never extremely endeavored to work out her disparities with the on-screen character. Amar Singh demanded them breaking the ice and they tried to do as such yet that did not keep going long.


At Vizag, amid Mohan Babu’s occasion neither Sridevi nor Jayapradha indicated enthusiasm for taking shields from each other and they stayed as divas pursuing sense of self wars till date.

With Sridevi destruction, we need to state the frosty war arrived at a tragic and sudden closure.

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