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Sreenivasan shared his memories about Rajinikanth

sreenivasan about rajinikanth

Rajinikanth is the leader not only of Tamil cinema but also of Indian cinema. Rajinikanth has once again proved that he is still the superstar of Indian cinema with Jailer. Malayalam’s own Srinivasan is now reminiscing about his campus days with Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth and Srinivasan studied in the same college. Rajinikanth was Srinivasan’s senior. Srinivasan has often opened up about his college days with Rajinikanth before. Now, in a memoir written in a magazine, Srinivasan has shared his memories of his friend. Rajinikanth studied a year his senior. He was not Rajini for the students then. Shivaji Rao Gaigwad, also known as Shivaji, was a Karnataka student. At the time of admission, each of the students had to shoot some acting moments of their own. Later, when classes started, they were all shown on a screen in the campus for everyone to see.

Srinivasan says that when he came out after showing the scene in which he had acted, his senior student Shivaji came up to him and patted him on the shoulder. Srinivasan also says that the love and respect for the person who appreciated him got a place in his mind that very day. Srinivasan also recalls seeing Sivaji many times later, in front of a large mirror on campus, tossing up a cigarette and holding it to his lips. Srinivasan says that the acquaintance gave way to a small-scale friendship. At that time, Srinivasan’s close friend in the class borrowed five rupees from Rajani Kant alias Shankarankutty Shivaji. Shivaji tried many times to meet Shankarankutty who drowned without returning the money he bought but to no avail. Later Shivaji told this to Srinivasan. Asked to tell the friend to return the money. Srinivasan says that everyone’s situation was like that at that time and later he got angry with Shankarankutty and returned the money.

The children studying in the college were all witnesses to the arrival of money orders in search of Shivaji. The postman would come for him several times a month. Shivaji along with the postman will go to the back of the building. We didn’t know what it was for at first. It was later realized that the money order amount was not to be seen by anyone. Often one or two rupees. He openly says that all his friends and bus workers in Karnataka are sending him. Shivaji had many friends who dreamed of becoming an actor. Srinivasan says that he is still in touch with all of them. Jailer is Rajinikanth’s last film. The film became a huge success. Mohanlal and Shivraj Kumar also appeared in guest roles. Vinayak played the villain in the film. Lal Salaam directed by Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya is the next movie to be released. Lal Salaam will be released as soon as Pongal release. From Malayalam, Manju Varrair Fafahad Fazil has a large number of stars in Cjehitram. After that Rajini will also star in Thalaivar 171 directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.

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