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Son Of Artist Namboothiri Seeks Compensation For Father Personal And Racial Abuse

Devan, the son of renowned artist Namboothiri, has taken a significant step by sending a lawyer’s notice to actor Alencier, demanding compensation of Rs. The grievance stems from Alencier’s insulting remarks directed at artist Namboothiri during an interview following a controversial speech at the State Film Awards. Alencier’s speech at the film awards ceremony had garnered attention when he advocated for the representation of a male statue instead of a female one, particularly in the context of where the chief minister would be seated. Subsequently, in an interview with a media channel after receiving the award, Alencier furthered his commentary on the ‘female statue,’ drawing criticism.

Devan, who is not only the son of the respected artist but also an accomplished art director, expressed strong objections to Alencier’s derogatory comments, highlighting that the sculpture accompanying the award was not designed by artist Namboothiri. He emphasized that the interview included personal and caste-based insults against his father, demanding appropriate compensation for the distress caused.This legal action marks a significant development in addressing the offensive remarks made against artist Namboothiri, aiming to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and uphold the principles of respect and dignity within the artistic community.”

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