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Exclusive Offer: Watch Up To 10 Movies A Month On PVR For Just Rs 699

PVR Inox, the renowned cinema chain, is introducing an enticing offer for movie enthusiasts—the PVR Inox Passport. This new offer allows movie lovers to watch up to 10 movies a month for just Rs 699. To avail of this opportunity, individuals need to provide any government-issued ID card during registration, and only the pass holder can utilize it for movie viewing. The PVR Inox Passport offer is a move to promote regular visits to the cinema, providing a fantastic deal for avid moviegoers. Essentially, it allows patrons to enjoy up to 10 movies a month upon payment of a fixed amount. This subscription package comes at a cost of Rs 699 per month with automatic monthly renewal. It will be officially available starting from October 16.

However, it’s important to note that this pass enables movie viewing only from Monday to Thursday, excluding access to PVR’s premium services such as IMAX, Luxe, and Director’s Cut theatres. There’s a prevalent trend where moviegoers tend to flock to theaters primarily for major blockbuster films. Gautam Dutta, the CEO of PVR Inox, responded by stating that this plan is devised to shift this trend. He emphasized that this offering will not only benefit high-budget blockbuster movies but also provide a boost to low-budget and mid-budget films. The PVR Inox Passport aims to diversify and enrich the cinematic experience for a broader audience.

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