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Robin is awesome caring, Says Aarti Podhi

Robin met Aarti Podhi for the first time when Robin Radhakrishnan came back from Bigg Boss show and stood with huge crowd. Robin told Dilsha about his love in Bigg Boss but Dilsha denied it. Robin meets Aarti later. Aarti was also a big fan of Rob. Because of that, they were approaching very quickly. It was Robin who introduced Aarti to the fans by saying that she was his love.

Soon they got engaged. Robin had been staying away from social media and interviews for some time. But now, on the occasion of Onam, Aarti and Robin shared their stories in an interview. Aarti says that Robin Chetan is terribly caring. Aarti says that she is never left alone anywhere, no matter what time Robin Chetan comes with her, Chetan says that he is afraid to leave her alone.

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