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Raai Laxmi and Jai make a lovely pair in this new still from Neeya 2 !!


In the event that you are a fanatic of the much-adored Raai Laxmi, at that point prepare to cheer as we have some stupendous news for you. As it so happens, another still from her next huge discharge Neeya 2 is making a buzz among film buffs for all the correct reasons. In it, she can be seen chilling in the water with co-star Jai. What’s more, not surprisingly, she looks stunning. Her grin is very irresistible and ups the coolness remainder of the still bigly. Her stifled science with Jai too is difficult to-miss. The two do to be sure influence one fine combine and it to will be decent observing them on the extra large screen.

Strangely, Neeya 2 isn’t a continuation of the yesteryear hit Neeya however has a place with a similar sort. At some point back, Raai Laxmi had said that she will wear the ‘Naagin look’ in this one.

“Neeya 2 has components of imagination, spine chiller, cherish, and so forth. This, as well, is a ‘snake film’ like the yesteryear flick. I will be found in three appearances in the motion picture; one among them will have a ‘naagin’ look. All the three courageous women in the motion picture show up in various eras — present, past and future. Notwithstanding, I have mix scenes with the other two,” she had told an every day.


On a related note, 2017 was a truly memorable year for Raai Laxmi. She influenced her Bollywood to make a big appearance with Julie 2 and added another measurement to her vocation. In it, she played a striking character and set the temperatures taking off wild her private scenes. Discussing its strong scenes, she had said that they were an indispensable piece of the content.

“Essentially, it is an account of an on-screen character and her life. It required certain sorts of glitz scenes, which are advocated in the film. I thought about it even before the film began. The film’s message is uproarious — if a young lady needs to accomplish throughout everyday life, she needs to meet and stand up to a considerable measure of men,” she had said.

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