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Prabhas Will Never Do Baahubali Again And His Reason Is Totally Logical


We all have seen Baahubali series and are familiar with the magic Prabhas created on the big screen with the help of director SS Rajamouli.

For the audience, Baahubali proved to be not just a film but a spectacular experience. Like the scale of film collections were also sky high and it proved to be a historical success of India.

However, if ask Prabhas he says he will not do Baahubali 3 or a film like Baahubali ever again. Shocked? Well, his reason is really valid and genuine.

Prabhas doesn’t want to do a film like Baahubali in the future because it needs a lot of time. Baahubali took 5 years of his life and he didn’t do any other film in this period which is something Prabhas doesn’t see himself doing ever again.

In an interview with PTI he said-

“Actors have limited time. We also have a shelf life. I think I can’t give five years to one project now. Even if I ever give that much time, I will simultaneously keep doing other projects because age is also a factor. It will not be good for my career.”

He also thinks that Baahubali series was once in a lifetime opportunity which demanded a certain level of dedication. But at this stage he wants to strengthen his career by doing more films that appeal to the masses of the country. He said-

“Most of my projects now will have a universal appeal. Regional cinema is different, so now I am trying to choose stories that cater to my audiences across the country. I will do stories which most of the audiences like.”

Prabhas also said that language is not a bar so he if the script is good, he wants to do a Bollywood and even Punjabi film in future.

We wish him all the luck and hope he shines brighter in future.

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