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Pakistani Actress Receives Backlash For Controversial Comment On Shah Rukh Khan Looks And Acting Skills

American-born Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch criticized Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. The actress said that the actor is not handsome and does not know how to act. Mahnoor added that Shah Rukh is a good businessman and knows how to market himself.

My personal opinion is that Shahrukh does not know how to act. He is an excellent businessman who is able to market himself. His fans may not agree with me at all. That’s okay. I’m just stating my opinion. Shah Rukh has a good personality and markets himself well. Meanwhile, there are many actors who know how to act well. Mahnoor pointed out that none of them are successful. King Khan’s fans have come out with a strong protest against the comments of the Pakistani actress. ‘What nonsense they are moaning.Shah Rukh is an actor of extraordinary talent. He is a legend – one fan responded. ‘You are wrong. Shahrukh is the king of emotions. Even his eyes will speak. Respect to you. But there’s no point in what you said,’ another wrote.

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