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No one has cheated anyone, and no one has any problem, Gopi Sundar

Gopi Sundar is a very popular music director. There are as many haters and critics as there are fans. Gopi Sundar’s personal life has always attracted critics. Gossip is full of rumors that even after a year of life with singer Amrita Suresh, the two broke up. Both have been on solo trips for a while now. This is what fuels the criticism. Gopi Sundar often reacts when criticism is pouring in. Gopi also gives interesting replies to some comments. Gopi Sundar is celebrating this holiday in Switzerland. Gopi is active on social media.


The star shares all the pictures from the trip. The picture from Switzerland was also shared the other day. And there was a young woman. With this, there was a flurry of comments. After the picture of Amrita’s spiritual journey came out, two comments were added. The propaganda is that the new set has been set and Amrita has been left behind. Now Gopi has come up with an answer to shut up the critics.

gopi sundar

gopi sundar

Gopi Sundar’s explanation is through his Instagram post. ‘No one here has any problem, no complaint. No one cheated anyone. Everything goes happily. Don’t you have any other work? How in the world can you post a photo with someone and see it as stalking? Bowed down. If the rice runs out, I will buy a month’s worth of rice for the squirrels,” Gopi Sundar posted.

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