Nithya Menen says, she would not do that scene, Nandini Reddy

Nithya Menon is an actress who has become a prominent presence in all the languages ​​she has acted in. Nithya has a huge fan base in…

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Nithya Menon is an actress who has become a prominent presence in all the languages ​​she has acted in. Nithya has a huge fan base in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu languages. But Nithya Menon was not interested in making films in any language. Nithya Menon’s method is to take a break after doing a few films and then come back again. The Malayalee audience finally saw Nitya Menon in the series Masterpiece. Nithya has never had to listen to any criticism when it comes to acting. But Nithya Menon has often been embroiled in controversies. There has been talk in the film world that Nithya is an arrogant actress. At one stage Nithya Menon was banned from Malayalam cinema for allegedly neglecting the producers. At that time, the actress was not in tune with the Malayalam film world. It is also during this time that Nitya pays more attention to Tamil and Telugu films. But Nithya once said that she was often misunderstood and the cause of controversies. Nithya Menon recently said that she still has good friendship with her colleagues. Now director and screenwriter Nandini Reddy is talking about Nithya Menon.

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Nandini Reddy directed the Telugu film ‘Ala Modalanti’ starring Nithya. The movie released in 2011 was a super hit. Nandini Reddy talked about Nithya Menon’s refusal to act in a scene in the film. Nandini Reddy says that she was also not interested in doing this scene and was trying to do the scene due to the insistence of the producer and others. Nandini revealed this in an interview to a Telugu media. They wanted a scene where Nitya Menon gets drunk again. Nithya I will not. Nitya was asked if he felt the need for that scene. No, but I want to finish the film. She is 21 years old. A small boy from college.


A time of no movies or no place in career. Still Nithya Menon asked the actress to say that she will not do that scene. Nandini says that this attitude has made her feel better. Decided to take a firm stance as a screenwriter. I told the producer that I would not write that scene. I said I won’t shoot, if you want. Nandini Reddy stated that it was then that she took her own stand in her career and it was Nithya Menon who made it happen. This was Nithya’s first Telugu film. Nithya Menon has been in controversy at some point in Telugu too. In an interview, he asked who Prabhas was and caused the controversy. The actor’s fans had come to the arena against Nitya that day. Later, the actress has taken care to stay away from such controversies.