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Naseeruddin Shah Opens Up About Controversial Film The Kerala Story

Famous Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah will not watch the movie The Kerala Story, directed by Sudipto Sen. Shah said that he had read a lot about the film and that it was a dangerous move to put the film forward. The actor compared the film to the trends of Nazi Germany.’Valuable films like Bheed, Afwa, and Faraz have failed. None of them went to see it. Going to watch Kerala Story in a crowd. I don’t want to see it. During Hitler’s time, filmmakers tried to glorify him and glorify what he did for the people. There was also an attempt to belittle the Jewish community. With this, Germany’s master filmmakers joined Hollywood. A movie was made there. That is what is happening here.’ 

He added that he hopes the climate of hatred will change. “The atmosphere of hatred may disappear soon. I think it will disappear as soon as it swallowed us. There is no hope that it will be fast.’ Shah clarified. The OTT release of Kerala Story, which was successful at the box office outside Kerala, has been announced. It is reported that streaming platform Zee 5 has bought the rights to the Hindi version. The film says that girls from Kerala are being recruited into ISIS by converting their religion. The movie caused huge controversies in Kerala.

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