Soubin Shahir and Tovino Thomas’s ‘Nadikar Thilakam’ to start its shoot


The lead actors in the upcoming movie “Nadikar Thilakam” are Tovino Thomas and Soubin Shahir. The Lal Jr.-directed movie will soon begin production. The same was recently announced in a marketing video released by the creators.

It appears that Tovino Thomas is playing the part of a superstar! David Padickal, a superstar, is the persona he is portraying. Bala will be played by Soubin Shahir, who said that we can all relate to a character like him since he is so realistic. Videos of both actors getting makeovers for their respective parts were also released by the film’s creators.

The producers of “Pushpa” bankroll the Lal Jr.-directed movie. Suvin Somashekharan wrote the script for the movie, which is marketed as a commercial comedy-drama.
Alby, who operated the camera for “Kaanekkane,” has been hired as the cinematographer. The editor is Ratheesh Raj. The soundtrack for the movie will be written by Yakzan Gary Pereira and Neha S. Nair. The art division is under Prashanth Madhav’s direction. The makeup is being done by RG Wayanad, while the costume is being designed by Praveen Varma. Anbariv, a choreographer of stunts who has won national awards, is also a member of the team.

On the job front, Tovino Thomas is now collaborating with Dr. Biju on his future movie. Along with Nimisha Sajayan, the actor from “Minnal Murali” will star in the famed director’s upcoming movie, “Adrishya Jaalakangal.” On the “Adrishya Jaalakangal” set, Tovino Thomas celebrated Onam this year. Soubin Shahir’s recent release was ‘Ela Veezha Poonchira’.