‘Pathonpatham Noottandu’ director opens up on false BO reports of the film


The renowned filmmaker recently criticized a Twitter page for publishing false box office figures for Vinayan’s epic play “Pathonpatham Noottandu,” which is doing well at the box office. The Twitter discussion also mentioned that “Pathonpatham Noottandu” and other recently released films ended up being financial failures.

Vinayan shared a screenshot of the Twitter forum where the fictitious “Pathonpatham Noottandu” box office collecting reports were circulated on his official Facebook page. Sharing the picture, the director penned a note saying that ‘Pathonpatham Noottandu’ is running successfully in over 200 theatres in Kerala and a fake Twitter handle is spreading misinformation saying that the film flopped at the box office. Vinayan further added that the person who is behind this deed is trying to kill good cinema and is indirectly trying to defame him.

The makers of “Pathonpatham Noottandu” revealed that the movie made a total of Rs 23 crores worldwide on the final day. The movie is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers, thus it is likely that “Pathonpatham Noottandu” will earn much more money in the coming days. On September 8, the movie premiered on a large screen.

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The epic drama’s script was written by the experienced director Vinayan, who also served as the project’s director. The narrative is based on the life of 19th-century warrior Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker. Mollywood actor Siju Wilson played the lead character in the movie and the rest of the cast included Kayadu Lohar, Anoop Menon, Poonam Bajwa, Renu Soundar, Chemban Vinod Jose, Indrans, and Senthil Krishna.