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A Sequel To VK Prakash’s Film Beautiful Titled Beautiful 2 Has Been Officially Announced

‘Beautiful’, a highly successful film written by A. Anoop Menon, is getting a long-awaited sequel. Titled ‘Beautiful 2’, the film is set to be produced by Badusha Productions and S Cinemas Company in collaboration with P-Anoop Menon. The original film’s soundtrack, composed by Ratheesh Vega and featuring Meghna Raj, garnered widespread popularity with its hit songs. Now, after a hiatus of 12 years, the second installment of ‘Beautiful’ is in the works.The news of Anoop Menon and VK Prakash reuniting for this film has created anticipation among fans. Badusha Productions and Yes Cinema Company have jointly announced their involvement in the project. The revelation of a sequel to ‘Beautiful’ comes as a delightful surprise for movie enthusiasts. The movie’s announcement poster confirms its title as ‘Beautiful 2’.

From a technical standpoint, the original cast members from the first film are expected to return, with the exception of Jayasuriya, who will not be reprising his role. Instead, a new actor will step into the lead role, although their identity remains undisclosed. Anoop Menon, in a post sharing the announcement poster, has indicated that the selected actor will be a perfect fit for the fresh storyline and script. The filming will take place in Vancouver, Canada, commencing in January of the upcoming year.The film’s editing will be handled by Mahesh Narayanan, while Jomon T John will manage the cinematography. Ratheesh Vega, known for his work on the original film’s successful soundtrack, will once again take charge as the music director for ‘Beautiful 2’. With the combined efforts of an experienced team and the intrigue of a new story, the upcoming sequel is poised to capture the hearts of audiences once more.

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