Bilal Movie Script Is In Final Stages

Mammootty and Amalneerad’s Big B is one of the best action films of all time. Bilal had already announced the second part of this. More information regarding this is coming out now. It is suggested that Bilal will start shooting soon. Mammootty himself stated in an interview the other day that Amalneerad’s script is in the final stage. Amal will soon meet Mammootty with the completed script. The meeting scheduled for the previous day did not take place due to other reasons, so the meeting will take place in the next few days.

The names of many stars like Fahadh, Dulquer, and others are heard from the beginning of the film. Dulquer replied to questions related to this that he wants to act in Bilal with Mammootty. Fahadh’s response was that he is not saying at this stage that he will be in the film. After that, there will be a decision about filming. Most of the shootings will be in foreign locations. After Bhishmaparvam, Mammootty and Amalneerad’s film Bilal will come together.