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Mamukkoya’s first lead film, Niyogam, hits theaters on April 10

Mamukoya, the acting phenomenon who filled Malayalam cinema for four decades with a unique style of comedy, is about to pass away after a year. Niyogam, in which Mamukoya played the lead role for the first time in his acting career, is gearing up for release. The film will hit the theaters on April 10.

It hurts that there is no unique actor to see his life on the silver screen. In his acting career, the actor got the luck of becoming a hero at the age of 75. Mamukoya’s character name is Hamsakoya. Hamsakoya is an unfortunate who has to prove his citizenship in the land of his birth. Hamsakoya migrates to Sri Lanka leaving her mother alone in the middle of her life. When he was caught there and returned to his country, he had to cross the threshold of citizenship. Despite having the right documents, he bids farewell to the world on his journey to prove his citizenship. The film is directed by Anish Verma. Mamukoya liked the story of the film and acted in the film without getting paid. He had also said that the editing of the film should be completed quickly and dubbing done.

The shooting was completed a week before his death. The dubbing was also done quickly. Anish Verma also says that he did not know that he said that because he was sick and had a slight problem with his voice. The screenplay of the film is by P Gokulnath. Cinematography by TS Babu. Biju Ashtamudi, Sharan and Ambika Mohan are in other roles. Stilju Arjun has composed music for songs by Vayalar Saratchandra Varma and Jayan Thodupuzha.

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