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Kalidas Jayaram open about his love story

kallidas about love

Actor Kalidas got engaged recently. The actor is going to get married after a long love affair. Model Tarini Kalingaraya is all set to be Kalidas’s bride. The audience has known for a long time that the two are in love. Kalidas also shared the pictures of Taruni together on his social media. But now Kalidas is opening up about his love. He and Taruni met through a common friend of both of them. Acquaintance was slowly turning into friendship.

But we never said I love you to each other. We were thinking that we liked each other. Once when Taruni called me, her phone connected to the Bluetooth speaker in the car. So Chucky named the man and found him. And then she was telling herself at home. Actually, I was sitting at home to talk about Taruni. My father and mother are very open-minded. So we can talk to them openly about anything. Taruni’s father and mother are the same as my father and mother. Very open-minded.

My family is like an ordinary family. If I want to say something to my father, it is through my mother that I convey it to my father. Chucky is the one who criticizes me the most at home when he sees my films and feels there is something wrong with them. We don’t talk much about movies at home, but we do talk about a whole range of other topics. We never miss a chance to get together. Kalidas said that we enjoy the moments when everyone is together at home.

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