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Kajol finds dubbing process painful

Actress Kajol, who dubbed for the Hindi version of Disney.Pixar’s “Incredibles 2”, says she finds the process painful.

Asked how she looks back at the after the success of the film, Kajol told IANS in a recorded response: “I still find the dubbing process painful despite success of the film…But yes definitely every thing we worked towards has panned out well and has been appreciated.”

Kajol lent her voice to the character of Helen Parr, Elastigirl. The sequel picks up right after the 2004 original, with Craig T. Nelson returning as the voice of Bob Parr, Holly Hunter as Elastigirl and Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone. Brad Bird, who voices fashion designer Edna Mode, is back to direct the project.

The sequel again deals with the Parr family attempting balance having a normal life with their superhero powers. It released in India on June 22, and worked well at the box office.

Are you motivated to take more dubbing opportunities for Hollywood films?

“I don’t really know. This was a one time thing. I don’t know whether I wish for another film or not. But if I have to do another animated superhero film, I will definitely think about it.”

She will next be seen in “Eela”.

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