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Jayam Ravi opens about the gossips related to him

It is a common thing to spread gossip about celebrities. When it spreads like this, some stars react to such gossips. But some people do not respond to gossip no matter how much they hear it. Jayam Ravi was the actor who heard the most gossips in his film career. Even when gossips of various kinds were spread on Jayam Ravi’s name, the actor’s response was silence. .In the name of love, in the name of marriage, in the name of the movie and in the name of divorce, all gossips were often spread in the name of Jayam Ravi.

Jayam Ravi himself once commented about his life in this way, that success exists only in his name and that he has only ever had failure in his life. After this, there were gossips including the name of Jayam Ravi and a heroine. But this affected Jayam Ravi’s life in a big way. But when Jayam Ravi’s name was gossiped with, the heroine actress got married to someone else, and it was proved that the rumors were just gossips.


The star has often faced downfalls in his film career. Many movies starring the actor have been spoiled. Even films that were released with the assurance that they would be successful were spoiled. But now Jayam Ravi has made his strong comeback with Ponniyin Selvan. With the success of Ponniyin Selvan, Jayam Ravi is getting attention again in the cinema.

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