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First Glimpse Of Mukesh Landmark 300th Movie Phillips Unveiled

The teaser for Malayalam actor Preya Mukesh’s monumental 300th film, “Phillips,” has been revealed, stirring excitement among fans. Directed by Alfred Kurian Joseph, acclaimed for his role as a screenwriter in the super hit film “Helen,” the movie is scheduled for release in November. Notably, this film marks actor Innocent’s final appearance on the big screen.The production of “Phillips” is helmed by Suvin K Varki and Prasobh Krishna under the esteemed banner of Little Big Films. The script has been meticulously crafted by Mathukutty Xavier and Alfred.

The storyline of the film revolves around Philip and his family, who have established their home in Bangalore, leading a life with their three children. The movie was predominantly shot in Bangalore and Kochi and is set to hit the screens through Fantastic Films.The cast of “Phillips” includes notable actors such as Noble Babu Thomas, Navni Devanand, Quinn Vibin, Sreedhanya, Ajith Kosi, Ansha Mohan, Charlie, and Sachin Nachi.Hisham Abdul Wahab takes the reins of the music composition for the film, adding to its artistic appeal. The cinematography is masterfully handled by Jason Jacob John, with editing by Nidin Raj Arol. Manoj Poonkunnam serves as the Production Controller, while Vineeth J Pullathan takes on the role of Executive Producer. Anil Abraham assumes the position of Chief Associate Director, and Dilip Nath leads the Production Design. The costumes are curated by Arun Manohar, and makeup is expertly done by Manu Mohan. The lyrics are penned by Anu Elizabeth Jose and Sangeet Ravindran, with VFX by Accel Media and sound design and mix by Ashish Illikal. Dhananjay Shankar contributes as Associate Director, Joji Parakal as the Colorist, and Naveen Murali captures the stills. The design is curated by Yellowtooths.”Phillips” promises to be a captivating cinematic experience, weaving a compelling narrative with a talented ensemble and a dedicated crew. Stay tuned for its release in November, as it marks a significant milestone in the illustrious career of Preya Mukesh.

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