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Does Ajith have a brain tumor? The actor’s manager responded.

Ajith Kumar is a Tamil actor who has a lot of fans, the other day there were reports that Ajith is in the hospital and the actor has a brain tumor, but now the actor’s manager Suresh Chandra is responding to this, Suresh says that this news is not true, the rumor that he has a brain tumor is false. Suresh says that during routine health check-ups, a swelling was found under his ear

As the news spread that Ajith was in the hospital, his fans gathered in front of the hospital. Earlier, his doctor and surgeon, Naresh Padmanabhan, said that Ajith had sustained multiple injuries and was on the verge of paralysis as he was injured four or five times while doing stunts on his bike.
Doctors have previously said that discectomy surgery was performed on the actor’s cervical spine at two levels and a bone was removed from the spine which was putting pressure on the nervous system. He went to the hospital the other day for regular health check-ups which are done every year, but the news came that the actor was seriously ill, and now the actor’s manager has come against it.

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