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Court question to Prabhas’s integrity for Illegal land acquisition


As Land Revenue division has grabbed the visitor place of Prabhas, refering to illicit securing of government land, it has come as a stunner for the whole film industry. Arranged in Anantapur region in Telangana, the guest house of Prabhas is amongst the various properties, which were illegally acquired by various private owners. After repeated complains, it was only three months before, which the Supreme Court declared the land as government property.

Soon after the strict action taken by the land revenue department, the actor’s father had gone onto submit a petition, stating that the department hadn’t issued notices prior to their actions.  While considering the case, the Hyderabad court termed the action of the actor to be illegal. The court has also gone onto question the integrity of the star in doing such deed, which doesn’t suit to his on screen image.

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